Sales of Dry Shampoo are Rocketing- But Which Should You Buy

Today we are diving into the world of dry shampoos and for somebody who is always on the go, this is a perfect thing for you especially in hotter months dry shampoos are a lifesaver. It is not the best to wash your hair every day, this is because once you get in the habit of washing your hair every day your hair gets used to that. If you try to take a break and you try not to wash your hair every single day you’ll find that your hair progressively gets less greasy and less oily and a way to combat not washing your hair every day is to use a dry shampoo.

The Best Dry Shampoo

These are sort of a mix between high-end and drugstore dry shampoos I have tried, right now we are going to dive into those that I’ve tried and those that I love so far.

The Suave Dry Shampoo

Now I would never buy anything from suave not normally I just am not like drawn to that brand specifically but this is a freaking gem. This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and you can get a two pack for like $5. If you use dry shampoo a lot that’s really nice to buy an affordable one because like me I go through like a bottle every two or three weeks and I just use it because I have to use in between washes in order to absorb the oil for my hair. So what I love about this is that some of the cheaper dry shampoos can actually make your hair feel worse, this one is not about like texture or adding grit or volume or anything it literally is just the best one for soaking up the oil and really just like reviving the hair so it’s not going to give you a ton of volume which is fine. It does give you a little bit but it is so amazing at absorbing oil, it really does the job when it comes to that. So you would honestly think this is like a higher-end dry shampoo, in my opinion, you would never know, so definitely give it a try, it’s just totally a hidden treasure in the drugstore and it is by far one of my favorites if not my overall favorite and it’s $3.

The Dove Dry Shampoo

Next is another pretty good one I don’t know if it lives quite up to the suave one but it is good. It does a really good job at absorbing oil and definitely gives a little bit more volume and so if you are wanting like a more voluminous one I would say go with this. We really like it specifically in the volume and fullness type because there is a regular one so this is another really great one I think this is more like $5 but another really good dry shampoo.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Moving on to a little bit more high-end, the next dry shampoo is by living proof and this is their perfect hair day dry shampoo. I like this one because the scent is really nice and clean the other kind of like drugstore shampoos have like more of a fruity smell, so this one is nice and kind of clean scented and smells really good and I would say it’s comparable to like the suave one in terms of what it does. It really absorbs oil really well it just really makes your hair feel clean it’s not going to be texturizing or really voluminous. I mean all dry shampoos will kind of do that but because they take my oil and like fat just kind of will make your hair flat so I guess it does do that in a certain sense.

Drug Bar Detox Dry Shampoo

The reason I really like this one is it’s also really good for absorbing oil but takes it to another level. So what I love about this one is that it’s like when your hair is really greasy and when you spray it on it almost like appears like a powder like I feel like this one really freshens the hair and like absorb the oil really well. If you have dark hair this one definitely gives more like a white cast because it is really powdery but I feel like the powdery texture is what really gets the oil up really well. This is a really good dry shampoo when you have like really greasy hair. I feel like it’s almost like they are like a baby powder or like a nicer smell on so if you like the smell, this one is really great at absorbing oil.

Big Sexy Hair Dry

My fifth favorite dry shampoo is one that is texturizing and all of that good stuff and this is the big sexy hair dry shampoo. It is seriously volumizing and texturizing like it gives you the grit, it gives you volume, and it is so good doing that but at the same time really good at absorbing oil but it’s not going to be like that powdery one where you really feel like the oil you know really skip soaked up. It is a clear one so you can’t see the white cast at all so view dark hair this one is really good I feel like it just makes it really dry and like gritty and gives it lots of volume like this is an amazing dry shampoo but I just try to use it not as often because it’s so expensive. So if are willing to splurge a little bit more and you really want volume and something that’s going to like absorb the oil this one’s probably like my overall favorite.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide which dry shampoo you should buy on your next shopping adventure.

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