Sales of Dry Shampoo are Rocketing- But Which Should You Buy

Today we are diving into the world of dry shampoos and for somebody who is always on the go, this is a perfect thing for you especially in hotter months dry shampoos are a lifesaver. It is not the best to wash your hair every day, this is because once you get in the habit of washing your hair every day your hair gets used to that. If you try to take a break and you try not to wash your hair every single day you’ll find that your hair progressively gets less greasy and less oily and a way to combat not washing your hair every day is to use a dry shampoo.

The Best Dry Shampoo

These are sort of a mix between high-end and drugstore dry shampoos I have tried, right now we are going to dive into those that I’ve tried and those that I love so far.

The Suave Dry Shampoo

Now I would never buy anything from suave not normally I just am not like drawn to that brand specifically but this is a freaking gem. This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and you can get a two pack for like $5. If you use dry shampoo a lot that’s really nice to buy an affordable one because like me I go through like a bottle every two or three weeks and I just use it because I have to use in between washes in order to absorb the oil for my hair. So what I love about this is that some of the cheaper dry shampoos can actually make your hair feel worse, this one is not about like texture or adding grit or volume or anything it literally is just the best one for soaking up the oil and really just like reviving the hair so it’s not going to give you a ton of volume which is fine. It does give you a little bit but it is so amazing at absorbing oil, it really does the job when it comes to that. So you would honestly think this is like a higher-end dry shampoo, in my opinion, you would never know, so definitely give it a try, it’s just totally a hidden treasure in the drugstore and it is by far one of my favorites if not my overall favorite and it’s $3.

The Dove Dry Shampoo

Next is another pretty good one I don’t know if it lives quite up to the suave one but it is good. It does a really good job at absorbing oil and definitely gives a little bit more volume and so if you are wanting like a more voluminous one I would say go with this. We really like it specifically in the volume and fullness type because there is a regular one so this is another really great one I think this is more like $5 but another really good dry shampoo.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Moving on to a little bit more high-end, the next dry shampoo is by living proof and this is their perfect hair day dry shampoo. I like this one because the scent is really nice and clean the other kind of like drugstore shampoos have like more of a fruity smell, so this one is nice and kind of clean scented and smells really good and I would say it’s comparable to like the suave one in terms of what it does. It really absorbs oil really well it just really makes your hair feel clean it’s not going to be texturizing or really voluminous. I mean all dry shampoos will kind of do that but because they take my oil and like fat just kind of will make your hair flat so I guess it does do that in a certain sense.

Drug Bar Detox Dry Shampoo

The reason I really like this one is it’s also really good for absorbing oil but takes it to another level. So what I love about this one is that it’s like when your hair is really greasy and when you spray it on it almost like appears like a powder like I feel like this one really freshens the hair and like absorb the oil really well. If you have dark hair this one definitely gives more like a white cast because it is really powdery but I feel like the powdery texture is what really gets the oil up really well. This is a really good dry shampoo when you have like really greasy hair. I feel like it’s almost like they are like a baby powder or like a nicer smell on so if you like the smell, this one is really great at absorbing oil.

Big Sexy Hair Dry

My fifth favorite dry shampoo is one that is texturizing and all of that good stuff and this is the big sexy hair dry shampoo. It is seriously volumizing and texturizing like it gives you the grit, it gives you volume, and it is so good doing that but at the same time really good at absorbing oil but it’s not going to be like that powdery one where you really feel like the oil you know really skip soaked up. It is a clear one so you can’t see the white cast at all so view dark hair this one is really good I feel like it just makes it really dry and like gritty and gives it lots of volume like this is an amazing dry shampoo but I just try to use it not as often because it’s so expensive. So if are willing to splurge a little bit more and you really want volume and something that’s going to like absorb the oil this one’s probably like my overall favorite.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide which dry shampoo you should buy on your next shopping adventure.…

The Best Dandruff Shampoos You Can Buy Today

If you have dandruff, you would like to eliminate it quickly, but there are many options to choose from, how can you assure you are paying for the best dandruff shampoo? The brand that will be best for you is determined by your hair and its typical condition, but below are several things you should consider when buying to be able to spend the money on the best option.

Points to keep in mind when buying the best anti-dandruff shampoo:


Almost all shampoos have a distinctive scent. Some smell of tar or coal, others are fresh and herbal, and some do not produce aroma whatever.


Several are more intense compared to others; which means that the sensation on the scalp is harder. Can your scalp deal with the toughest shampoos or do you want a dandruff shampoo that is a little more moderate?

Condition of the Scalp

Does the scalp dry in combination with dandruff? Several shampoos that work perfectly to remove dandruff can cause the scalp to be a bit drier than normal. As a result, if you are plagued by dry scalp in combination with dandruff, you will want to make sure that you choose one that does not endorse drying of the scalp.

Know the Active Ingredients

If your hair is sensitive to active ingredients, you have to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate solutions. They are used for foaming and can trigger more dandruff if the scalp is sensitive to additives. People with sensitive skin can constantly use a natural anti-dandruff shampoo like Tea Tree Oil shampoos as an alternative option. If not, it is okay to get an active anti-dandruff shampoo such as Head & Shoulders and Clear Anti Dandruff. More details here:

Read the Reviews

When you are not sure if a particular hair shampoo will work for you, read the comments on how the product works for other people who are meeting similar issue as yours. Approval ratings and good or bad reviews are very useful in guiding you to find the favorite product. There is nothing better than a dandruff shampoo that can eliminate dandruff and avoid scalp flakes and irritations. On the other hand, they would prove to be useless. There are numerous shampoos for dandruff that stand out and have been very effective in eliminating the irritations of dandruff and scalp.

Consult Your Dermatologist and Other Health Professionals

Health professionals are the best technique to go, but if you are not ready to invest in your exclusive medications, you may seek their advice on the products that are appropriate for your hair.


One of the relaxed ways is to ask the people you can relate to your dandruff problem. Do not hesitate and be ashamed. It is something that both parties can share their expertise with. On the other hand, seek the help of a health professional.

Finally, to find the best dandruff shampoo for you, ensure that the shampoo does not end in dandruff, but does not cause harmful effects on the scalp either. There is a variety of products to choose from, which is just a matter of knowing which one is best for you.…

Will Dry Shampoo Make Your Hair Less Greasy?

Who hasn’t thought about using the best dry shampoos? When you have needed to wash your hair but have little time, what can you do? A few years ago, you’d have to jump into the bath and scrub your hair which would take forever because after washing it, you have to dry and then style it! For most, it is a nightmare to run around making your hair presentable when you have limited time but there is no need anymore. Dry shampoo has become highly sought after and it’s not hard to see why, you spray, brush and go! However, while this might sound ideal, will it actually stop your hair from looking greasy? Will your hair become less greasy with dry shampoo?

Which Shampoos Are You Using?

Greasy hair is a nightmare for most because no matter how much they wash it, their hair is still greasy! You can use some good shampoos but when it needs washed, you know how bad it looks. However, what about using dry shampoo?  Well, your hair can certainly look a lot fresher simply because the special formula is designed to help improve the look of hair. However, dry shampoo is a nice tool to have but it cannot replace washing hair on a full time basis. This is more an emergency when you have little time to get ready. When it comes to greasy hair, you have to be wary as to which dry shampoos you’re using. If you’re using a shampoo which is designed for greasy hair, it could potentially help improve the look a lot more and make it less greasy looking.

How Greasy Does Your Hair Get?

For those who don’t have too much trouble with greasy hair, dry shampoo can be great. However, for those who have greasy hair and find their hair becomes quite greasy looking (and quickly) they have to find the very best dry shampoos available. As said above, the type of shampoo used will determine how badly your hair can look. Also, it can depend on how greasy your hair becomes also. Do you find it only becomes greasy after a day or two or is it after a few hours? If you have issues with greasy hair after an hour or two, the dry shampoo might not work as much as you would like. You could try as everyone is different.

You Must Find the Best Dry Shampoos

Sometimes it really does come down to the shampoo you’re using as to how greasy your hair looks. As said above, if you use the wrong dry shampoo then you might find your hair looks far worse even if you’ve used the shampoo. You really need to ensure the items you use are ideal for greasy hair so that you can get the best results. Far too many people don’t take the time to ensure the shampoo they are using is really the best for them and it usually means trouble.

Love Your Hair

We all love our hair but when we’re fighting greasy locks it’s a nightmare. For most, they have to control it by washing every day but that isn’t always a solution to say the least. However, with dry shampoo there is a new and potentially useful solution to the problem. You do have to ensure the right and the best dry shampoos are found however so that you see the very best results.…

dry hair

Redken Smooth Down is a Must If You Want to Smoothen Your Dry Hair

It seems more and more people are searching for the best dry shampoos than ever before.

For most women, taming unruly hair can be very difficult indeed and they can in fact struggle to find something that really works.

It’s not always as easy to tame or smooth dry or frizzy hair as it can bounce back even with a lot of hair spray; that is why specialist shampoos are greatly sought after.

So, can Redken Smooth Down shampoo really help your hair? Should you use it?

What Does Redken Smooth Down Shampoo Do?

Unruly hair can be a challenge to deal with and sometimes it’s impossible to tame which is why more are now looking at Redken Smooth down Shampoo. This is a unique and very loving shampoo which is able to smooth the hair once washed. If you are used to frizzy hair, this shampoo can prevent it and you get a lovely shine to the hair. Controlling your hair is now possible with this shampoo and it can replenish it somewhat. Read dry shampoo reviews and you will see the good and bad of the product and you should do the same with this shampoo as well. You can find whether the shampoo is a good fit for you personally.

Can You Repair Dry or Damaged Hair?

Hair isn’t completely at a loss just because it has seen some damage; yes it’s not good for it but if you act quickly enough you can repair it. However, repairing hair is going to take time and even when you cut it, the last effect is still there. That is why you need to look at the right shampoos and conditioners to help repair and ease the hair back to how it once was. Look at some dry shampoo reviews and find out more before you buy. If you do this, you should be able to find suitable shampoos and this can help if you aren’t keen on washing your hair on a day-to-day basis. for more details, visit

Be Careful of Overusing Heat Styling Products

Redken Smooth Down shampoo is truly a wonderful product and when you have dry hair you can smooth hair down. However, while this is a good product to use you have to be careful in terms of what you’re using on the hair and how often. For example, if you are constantly straightening your hair or using heat styling products on a daily basis, your hair may see the effects from that. Having the best dry shampoos on hand is good but you need to ensure you aren’t overusing styling products. If you are going to use these items then you must use a good styling or heat protector. This will be the only way to prevent further damage to the hair and stop it from drying out entirely.

dry hair

Should You Use This Shampoo?

There are lots of shampoos on the market today and it’s important to find one that works for your dry, whether you have unruly frizzy hair or dry hair. You might need to try and test the shampoo out in order to be fully sure it’s the shampoo for your hair. However, it can be a good shampoo to smoothen out the hair. If you aren’t sure, why not read a few dry shampoo reviews along with the product’s reviews to see if it’s one for you.

Getting the Best for Your Hair

No one wants to waste time or money on products that don’t offer what you need and it’s the same with shampoo. It is very important to find one that’s going to help enhance the hair and make it more manageable rather than damage it more. With the best shampoos you can enjoy taking care of your hair once again. Buy the best dry shampoos and avoid damaging your hair’s natural balance.  Also, check out this article, How To Use Dry Shampoo for the best tutorial I’ve seen on this!…

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Dry Hair and Split Ends

For some reason, everyone seems to think if they use dry shampoo it’ll somehow stop their hair from drying out. While that would be ideal, once the hair is quite dry, it’s going to take a lot to repair it. Dry shampoo can be a useful addition to any woman’s handbag and it can in fact to be used to tackle and potentially prevent dry and split hair. These issues are major for anyone to deal with and, in all honesty, split ends can ruin beautiful locks in seconds. What can be done to tackle split ends and how can you combat dried out hair?

Do Not Over Wash Your Hair And Condition!

How often do you wash your hair? There are some who wash twice a day and others once a week! OK, so once a week sounds very yucky but for some they are actually able to do this and without any greasy or lanky hair! Some people are just lucky. When you want to avoid split ends you have to get a cut once every so often so that you don’t allow them to ruin your hair. When you have dry hair, you need to prevent washing it on a daily basis as it can dry it out sufficiently. You need to use dry shampoo instead and condition your hair on a regular occurrence too.

Avoid Hot Styling Products

Adding heat onto your hair can cause it to dry out. When you are using a hair dryer, you have to be careful what settings you use and how close it is to your hair. What is more, styling products such as curling irons and straightening tools can really dry the hair out and this isn’t good. These products are used on a daily basis so you have to avoid them as much as you can. The hair needs time to recover from heat and if you constantly use high levels, it’s really hard on the hair. Use the best dry shampoo and look at other styling methods that aren’t as impacting on the hair as heat styling methods are. Learn more detailed information straight from the source.

Cover Your Hair on a Windy Day

Your hair can lose a lot of moisture when it’s battered by heavy gusts of wind so you need to do something to protect it. Covering your hair with a hat or something will avoid it from tangling and will essentially avoid losing moisture as well, which can prevent it from drying out and causing split ends. You might think hats aren’t for you but they’ll save your hair and once you get indoors you can remove them. What’s more, when driving a vehicle and having the window open can dry the hair out too so roll the window down only a small amount and it’ll help. Dry shampoo can be a great addition too but when it’s windy, cover your hair.

Use the Best Dry Shampoo to Give the Hair More Bounce

hair careAs said, over washing can be a bad element for your hair and it can destroy a lot of natural oils too which can be difficult to replace. Instead of washing the hair every single day, why not opt for dry shampoo? When you buy the best dry shampoo you can freshen the hair without adding a single drop of water to it and there’s no need to blow dry the hair either. This can take a few seconds to apply and once you’ve brushed the hair and done what you need to, you’re good to go. That’s one of the biggest and best reasons why more woman love dry shampoos today. get full information at

Making Your Hair Look Good

Dry hair and split ends are truly troublesome and yet there can be a few simple ways to deal with them. When you tackle your split ends you can avoid ruining your hair completely and dry hair just needs more moisture and care. It isn’t impossible to take care of your hair and with a bit of luck and the right products you can see a lovely finish to your hair. Find the best dry shampoo and enjoy taking care of your hair.…

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Benefits of Sulfate-Free Shampoo

More women are looking into dry shampoos to help freshen their hair and prevent it from looking lank and greasy. Unfortunately, there are many who choose shampoo (both dry and regular) that contains sulfate. For most, they don’t really look at the list of ingredients within their shampoos and use whatever they like the look of which might not in fact be the wisest move. So, should you avoid sulfate-based shampoos? What are the benefits of sulfate-free shampoo and should you consider this?

Read on to find out more.

Why To Avoid Sulfate-Based Shampoos?

Sulfates are used in a lot of cosmetics and health and beauty products but it can have a drying effect. For instance, when sulfate shampoo is used on the hair it may actually prevent the hair from being moisturized entirely and even damage the hair follicles as well. When this happens, the hair cannot grow as it should and it prevents it from growing and may thin the hair out. It can be a real issue and for that reason you want the best dry shampoo with no sulfates. You might think all shampoos are the same but in reality they can be very different from one another. That is one of the key reasons to buy the very best shampoo for your hair. read her blog posted at

Who Should Avoid Sulfate Shampoos?

If you have had hair treated with a dye or colorant then you could find it more than useful to avoid shampoos with sulfates within them. Also, if you have recently curled your hair, it’s wise to avoid. For those with drier skin or sensitive skin; and those with damaged or brittle hair, they should avoid this type of shampoo as well. Remember, it can be quite drying on the hair and the scalp can react just as your sensitive skin on your arms, legs and back. Dry shampoos may be a suitable alternative to heavy shampoos and could be worth thinking about in great detail. You don’t want to make certain skin conditions worse.

hair care

Better Hair without the Heavy Feel

Shampoos come in a wide variety of forms and they can do a lot to your hair but only when it works for your hair personally. Everyone is different and that goes for their hair as well; using the wrong types of shampoo, even the best dry shampoo, can spell disaster for your hair. Sulfate shampoos can look good but may not be suitable for your hair at this moment in time. However, if you are using a sulfate-free shampoo you need to ensure it has good vitamins or minerals that will actually benefit the hair. Vitamin B5 can be a useful addition, so you ideally want to find a shampoo that contains these types of vitamins.

Take Care of Your Hair

It truly does not matter what type of hair you have, whether fine, thick or something in-between, with the wrong shampoo, your hair can see a real difference. That remains one of the most important reasons as to why the right shampoos are needed. Sometimes, it takes a while to find the ideal one for your hair but once you do, you’ll love its effects. Find the right dry shampoos as well as regular shampoos are you will see a major difference.…